2020 Awards

Nancy Thurlby

Julia Johnstone

Stephen McCall

Jennifer Paull

Helen Miles

Leoni Duff


2019 Awards

Barbara McManus

Heather Peberdy

Lorraine Wigraft

Rodney Edelsten

Grace Paleg

Faye Owen

Regina Hona

Lyn Mellady

Pamela Pretty

Christine Broersen

Caroline Lewallen

Signature Award of The Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia

The Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia (PSVA) aims to encourage the consistent development of the artistic capabilities of its members, especially in the art of pastel painting.

In recognising and honouring the excellence attained by any PSVA member whose work has been deemed worthy of a prize by judgement in PSVA Exhibitions and/or other Art Shows, the PSVA has established a Signature Award. Points gained from these prizes are calculated from the criteria established for this Award. Members are invited to make an application to receive the Award when the sum of these points reaches 30 or more.

It will entitle the recipient to add ‘PSVA’ after their name, (where appropriate), indicating their achievement of the Signature Award. They will receive a Certificate.

Barbara Beasley-Southgate was the inaugural recipient of the PSVA Signature Award, which  was presented to her on the 13 April 2019 by the then President, Anne Taylor.

Congratulations to our very worthy recipients of the PSVA Signature Awards and your extremely high achievements in the medium of Pastel.

Barbara Beasley-Southgate

To apply for the Signature Award a member must comply with the following :

  • the applicant must be a financial member of the PSVA for a least three (3) years
  • the applicant must have achieved the required number of points thirty (30) through being awarded prizes at PSVA Exhibitions or significant Art Shows
  • having submitted a completed Application Form, the evidence of those awards must be made available should the PSVA Assessment Committee require it
  • the applicant will agree to submit at least five (5) high quality images of their paintings, on a USB stick or a CD, for our records and publication (by the Signature Award Administrator and Committee)


  1. All prize-winning works considered for points must be at least 80% Pastel
  2. The applicants will complete with accuracy and honesty their list of prizes and awards to be submitted to the Signature Award Administrator and Committee who will who will confirm the following points to the artist

For a PSVA Exhibition or Art Show :

  • 8 points for Best in Show
  • 6 points for Runner Up
  • 4 points for Category Winners(Portrait, Landscape, Waterscape, etc.)
  • 3 points for Runner Up in any category
  • 2 points for Highly Commended
  • 1 point for Commended
  • 4 points for the Ming Mackay Award (People’s Choice Award)
  • 2 points for the President’s Award
  • 1 point for the Margaret Lourey Award

Winning an award with a pastel painting a a Regional/State/National or International Show or competition would attract the following points :

  • 3 points for Best in Show
  • 2 points for Best in Category
  • 1 point for all other awards : Highly Commended, Commended, People’s Choice, Sponsors’ Awards, President’s Award etc.
Signature Award Application Form