2019 Exhibition Winners

our Judge was Jennifer Fyfe

Best in Show

Regina Hona - As The Sun Goes Down

Regina Hona
As The Sun Goes Down

Judges comments : This painting draws the viewer’s attention immediately. The boats are very well rendered. It is interesting to observe that the work is almost a variation of a single colour in all its forms. I enjoy the placement of the subject at the top of the picture – it suggests that the water, together with its reflection and movement, is as worthy of our attention as the boats moored above. I found I could stand and enjoy travelling around this work over and over again and pick up new things along the way. This painting has delightful areas of stillness which balance the areas of intense description. The warmth achieved in the areas of light is exceptional.

Best in Show Runner-up

Sharon Martin - Troy

Sharon Martin

Judges comments : This portrait is an extraordinarily sensitive one. The artist has conveyed a sense of hope and thoughtfulness in her sitter. We are drawn into the picture by the sitter’s eyes and yet, what makes the painting work is the sound draughtsmanship and anatomical knowledge underneath the loose line-work.

 Best  of  Awards

Best Still Life/Interior

Jennifer Paull - The Yellow Vase

Jennifer Paull
The Yellow Vase

Judge’s comments : This painting has beautiful control of surfaces and achieves great depth. There is an acknowledgement of the different textures of each element in the work. It is difficult with so many components to keep a single focus but here, it is clearly the yellow vase. We feel the transparency of the glass and the solidity of the pears.

Best Portrait/Figurative

Christine Broersen - Chloe

Christine Broersen

Judge’s comments : This painting shows great technical skills. I am impressed by the artist’s ability to convey transparency in the fabric and to render only what is necessary in the hand and face. So many artists struggle with hands but Christine has given us the information we need as a viewer and the minimum of detail so that the figure does not appear overworked. The work has balance and simplicity which is very pleasing.

Best Waterscape

Lyn Mellady - The Light of Hope

Lyn Mellady
The Light of Hope

Judge’s comments : This painting sets a beautiful atmosphere and draws the viewer into its expanse.  I particularly enjoy the use of warm rusty tones in the water – such a joyful surprise and so well executed.  Lyn uses her broad strokes and gentle blending to great effect.

Best Landscape

Peter Fielding
Dry Creek, Bungle Bungles

Judge’s comments : This painting has a warmth and strength which is very appealing. I am drawn in by the warm rocks either side of the cool crevice. It is a painting that evokes a sense of place and an atmosphere. It has intense areas of detail alternating with areas of broad strokes and ultimately draws the viewer into its narrative.

Best Miniature Award

Nola Cameron - Early Wattle

Nola Cameron
Early Wattle

Judge’s comments : This picture is interesting for it’s cropped nature. The artist has not tried to work within her confines but has placed her still life in such a way that it leaves the viewer wanting more. The rendering of the glass and the ceramic are excellent.

Best Fauna/Wildlife

Robin Wren - Can You Find Me?

Robin Wren
Can You Find Me

Judge’s comments : This painting shows a clever use of a single colour. It is simple yet so effective. The focus of the work actually stands out the further one stands back from the painting. There is a lovely use of texture and an interesting reversal of cools and warms in some areas which challenges the viewer.

Best Abstract/Non Representational

Helen Miles - Red Berry Moon

Helen Miles
Red Berry Moon

I am drawn to the woodblock style of this work. The black line-work in the picture could have over-powered the image but it is relieved by thoughtfully-placed blocks of strong colour and a playful use of the ‘red berries’. It is almost stained-glass- window-like in its simplicity yet it is not static, it retains a movement within.

The Ming Mackay Award

Linda Finch - Go, Dog, Go

Voted by Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia members

Margaret Lourey Award

Riana Tromp - Berkeley River, WA

Riana Tromp
Berkeley River, WA

Judge’s comments : This painting has lovely line, movement and depth. It appears busy up close however it reads strong and lively from a distance. The work is gutsy and evokes the spirit of place. The lines are reminiscent of indigenous rock art in their description of contour.

PSVA Award

Janette Garbuio - Storm Over The Dandenongs

Janette Garbuio
Storm Over The Dandenongs (en plein air)

Judge’s comments : This picture has great depth.
I am drawn into the picture through the loose line- work indicating the vines. The warm colours in the foreground receding to cool in the mountain range is reminiscent of a Cezanne. The middle distance yellow is of a cool nature and beautifully bridges this distance. It is a very thoughtful and delicate painting considering the restrictions of light and the elements when painting plein air.

 Highly Commended Awards

Pamela Pretty - Golden Hour

Pamela Pretty
Golden Hour

Judge’s comments : Wonderful tones and movement in the work. This painting creates a feeling of drama through its boldness.

Nancy Thurlby - Filtered Light

Nancy Thurlby
Filtered Light

Judge’s comments : This work has wonderful movement, almost abstract in nature. Evokes an energy and intrigue.

Colleen Ryan - The Hen House

Colleen Ryan
The Hen House

Judge’s comments : Beautifully conveys the softness of the feathers and a lovely rendering of the eggs which is more difficult than it looks!

Bill Kerr - Challenge Yourself

Bill Kerr

Challenge Yourself

Judge’s comments : Confident well-constructed portraits. Great use of mid-tones to create a three dimensional quality.

Robin Wren - Mothers' Day Bouquet

Robin Wren
Mothers’ Day Bouquet

Judge’s comments : Lovely loose work, clever use of viewpoint, wonderful ‘personality’ to the shadow.

Colin Shaw - Red Reflections, China Town

Colin Shaw
Red Reflections, China Town

Judge’s comments : Great atmosphere. Wonderful use of blocks of colour and use of detail where the artist directs our eye to fall. Well thought-out but appears impromptu.

Barbara McManus - Winter in Nimes

Barbara McManus
Winter in Nimes

Judge’s comments : This picture I find fascinating because the water is treated in the same manner as the sky and the structures around it. We are only given clues to the fact it is water by the change of tone and the cool tree reflections. The strokes remain loose and confident throughout and it achieves great atmosphere considering it is a small work.

Nola Cameron - Short Point, Merimbula

Nola Cameron
Short Point, Merimbula

Judge’s comments : Lovely loose work. A narrow tonal variation which causes the central band of light to draw the eye to the characters depicted. Wild and ‘beachy’.

Sue Callil - Ballarat Interior

Sue Callil
Ballarat Interior

Judge’s comments : Great use of light and wonderful control of the different surfaces. Well thought-out and planned placement of shapes and horizontal and vertical lines.

Helen Kelly - The Gift

Helen Kelly
The Gift

Judge’s comments : Lovely loose rendering of the flowers. The figure in the background adds to the story and poses questions for the audience.

Grace Paleg - Amber Autumn

Grace Paleg
Amber Autumn

Judge’s comments :  Lovely, deft rendering of light and glass. The leaves take on an almost ‘human’ quality in their interaction with the light.

President’s Award

Linda Finch - Go, Dog, Go

Linda Finch
Go, Dog, Go

Judge’s comments : This is such an exuberant painting: the eyes immediately go to the energetic dog roaring across the beach happily disturbing the seagulls. This moment is captured brilliantly by the artist,
and it is evident that she has painted this with enjoyment and a love of the subject. Close inspection of the painting shows that the artist has used different methods of creating the
support or foundation, contributing interest and texture in the strokes of pastel on the flying fur, the soaring seagulls and the subtle sand and the sea. This picture will give continuous delight to the owners. Congratulations to the artist, Linda Finch.