EME 2019_Mardi Joplin | Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia

Caroline Lewallen (left) presenting the 2019 EME Award 1st Place, Emerging Artist to Mardi Joplin


EME Winners 2019


Emerging – Mardi Joplin
Intermediate – Peter Fielding
Advanced – Pauline McCutcheon 


Emerging – Catherine Wite and Isabelle McKenzie (equal points) 
Intermediate – Robert Diss 
Advanced – Lois Bannister and Helen Permezel (equal points)

Eckersley’s Members’ Encouragement Award (EME Award)

For all members who com along to our monthly meetings, held at the Mount Waverley Community Centre on the first Monday in the month, we warmly invite everyone to bring a Pastel painting. Even if you think yours is not as good as everyone else’s – it doesn’t matter. Don’tbe intimidated by what you perceive as the high standard of those offering their paintings for judgement by the other members. This is what our Society is all about – to give encouragement to artists to develop their pastel painting skills and hopefully the opportunity to learn from seeing others’ work and, of course, from the demonstrations and talks given at the meetings.

Each artist is allowed one painting only. After placing it in the appropriate place, you write your name next to the listed numbers of the sticker you choose, which you then place on your painting. The stickers and the voting slips will be on the table near the entry.

There are three sections for entering and voting by attending members and visitors: Emerging. Intermediate, and Advanced.

The first section is Emerging – green sticker (for those artists who have never won any award anywhere and/or who are new to the medium). If an artist wins this section two years in a row, they automatically advance to the Intermediate Section.

The second section is Intermediate – yellow sticker (for those artists who have won minor awards – internally or in external shows, such as ‘commended’ or ‘highly commended’, but have never won a major prize). If an artist wins this section two years in a row, they automatically advance to the Advanced Section.

The third section is Advanced in which the members have won the Intermediate Section two years in a row; or are winners of categories in the PSVA Exhibitions; or are proficient artists on entry to the Pastel Society and have won prizes in external shows, but are new to the medum.

The Professional Section is for Professional/Career artists who have won the Advanced section two years in a row. They can bring and display their work for other members to appraise, analyse and admire for their own inspiration. These artists offer their advice to anyone who seeks help. This section is not judged by attending members.

Every time a painting is brought, that person receives one point. From the tallying of the votes, the first choice in each section receives three points, and the second choice receives two points. So at the end of the year, when the points are tptalled, if you have brought a painting every meeting, your points might add up to more than a person who has brought a painting along only 2 or 3 times and has won the EME Award for those nights. A prize is given foto the winners of each section.

When there is an Appraisal night the paintings brought along will not be judged by members, but will have a constructive critique by the invited experienced artist/s.

Another occasion when paintings are not brought along for the members’ adjudication, is the Paint-In night when those artists wanting to gain extra experience and improve their technique, are tutored by two excellent artists invited to the meeting.