Colin Shaw

As a kid I was always drawing and loved art as a subject at school. However, after leaving educationother priorities in life took over and it wasn’t until I was in my late forties that I began art lessons with local artist Gwen Krumins. After several years of classes, work priorities took over and I let my artistic pursuits lapse yet again. Fortunately, retirement in 2011 has given me the time to pursue painting and drawing in earnest and I am enjoying the freedom to indulge my passion. After initially painting in oils I saw several of Maxwell Wilks pastel paintings and was attracted to the vibrancy and brilliant colour that he achieved with pastel. Soft pastel is now my preferred medium and I like to paint in a ‘tonal impressionism’ style. My subjects are varied and I particularly enjoy portraits and streetscapes. In addition to pastel, I also enjoy drawing and watercolour. In recent years I have sold a number of paintings and have also taken on some commission work.

To contact Colin:
Phone: 03 9346 8446 or 0412 500 495